I trust you had a great holiday weekend.

This week’s sales tip is on the topic of my last webinar: 


My first tip is simply a question.  Have you watched the webinar yet?  If not, why not?  We’ve gotten great feedback on the presentation and it is chock full of tools and approaches that you can use to identify major opportunities for generating clients and business – immediately.

If you have not yet, you can watch it here at:


I HIGHLY recommend that you do so.  

And whether you or have not, some critical reminders and ideas to implement on:

Have you made use of your LinkedIn or Alignable contacts?  Have you even set up an Alignable (alignable.com) profile yet?  Are you reaching out to the folks who seem like they could be either great prospects or great connectors for you? 

And reminder to come from place of WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR THEM and RECIPROCITY.  Remember, if you help enough other people get what they want, they inevitably will find ways to get you what you want as well.

Instead of simply pitching yourself or your services, begin with that you can offer.  Remember, for the majority of the people you’ll speak with, their favorite topic is -themselves!  

With social media, you can use some of the languaging below and customize it based on the contact and relationship:

“I see that you specialize in… are looking for…have expertise in…”

“I have some friends/contacts/clients/colleagues that:

-I’m certain you’d want to speak to…

-I think you can be of great service to…

-Were recently asking about exactly what you provide…”

“I believe he/she/they/some of these folks would be interested in picking your brain/learning more about your service/product line/expertise in this area…”

“Let’s connect to see how we can support one another in our respective businesses”

Notice, you’re coming from a place of mutual leverage and benefit.  Not simply pitching this person on your product/service.  It’s a very different conversation to have.  With good will in place, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to talk about what you provide and what you’re looking for.

Remember, everyone is looking for something.  Find out what that is and you’ll find the key to their hearts, their minds and their interest!

Thank you, have a profitable day and I’ll see you on the webinar this Thursday!

Best Regards,

The Samurai Of Sales