It was great training with the BOX brokers last Thursday on the topic of “Generating Consistent And High Quality Referrals”.  We covered some truly powerful and practical approaches for increasing your referral count and improving the quality of those referrals exponentially!

If you have not yet listened to that webinar, I HIGHLY recommend you check it out at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4798640773330939649

I get right to the point and it’s FILLED with great content.    

One key takeaway from the webinar I want to remind you of is to be aware of the distorted, limiting belief so many people carry around that asking for referrals suggests that you’re struggling or that you’re somehow coming from weakness.  

The wealthiest, most successful sales pros I’ve ever met in any industry are consistently reaching out to their network and asking for quality referrals and introductions.  It’s just a part of their DNA.  

They operate with the belief that if they DON’T ask for referrals THAT will suggest they’re struggling.  If someone truly believes in what they’re doing and they know it can help others, they want to share it with everyone and ask to be supported in that endeavor.  

If you claim to be excited about what you’re doing and you truly believe in it, if at a certain point you haven’t reached out to those in your inner circle about it, it can begin to raise eyebrows.  Your contacts may start to wonder “why hasn’t _____ ever discussed this with me?”  “Is there something happening that I don’t realize?”

Be willing to get support and be willing to ask on your own behalf the same way that you would ask on behalf of others!

A couple of very brief videos on this topic you’ll enjoy:



Have a prosperous, productive day and go close some business!

Best Regards,

Mitch Harris
The Samurai Of Sales