In my last webinar titled “Generating Consistent and High Quality Referrals”, we covered exactly that.  How to comb through your network for the highest quality and most fruitful referrals.

I spoke about some of the limiting beliefs around that and how to dissolve the internal barriers that tend to hold so many brokers back from powerfully collecting the high quality referrals that can take their business to the next level and beyond.

I also spoke about who to approach, how to approach them and exactly what to say – as well as what not to say which can be just as important. And much more.  If you have not yet listened to it, I highly recommend you do.  

I’d like to share one key highlight from that presentation that also reinforces the sales tip I shared last week, that you can take and use immediately for better results.

Last week I shared the fact that so many brokers struggle with the belief that asking for referrals will suggest they are struggling.  That they wouldn’t ask for referrals if they didn’t “need” the business.

As a result, they often come from weakness when discussing this critical topic and dilute the power of their message.  They suffer from what I call the “By The Way” syndrome when discussing referrals.  

Their message verbally or non-verbally reflects something along the lines of “By the way I’m just sorta kinda wondering if maybe you know someone who could benefit from my services.  Does anyone come to mind?”  And they use closed ended questions not even expecting to get a result.

I’d like you to consider that quite the opposite is true.  That if you don’t ask for referrals it will suggest you are struggling.  If your belief about something is deep and you are passionate about that topic, wouldn’t you want to scream about it from the hilltops!

If your business was rolling and on fire and you were doing incredible things with it, wouldn’t you feel comfortable discussing this simple but critical part of your service.  Wouldn’t it just be a natural part of your repertoire? Come from strength when speaking about this:

“Things are doing very well right now and I believe in striking when the iron is hot.  Don’t you agree?  So let me ask you…”


“Who do you know…?”  

NOT “Do you know anyone?”

And then lay down the specific criteria of who you are looking to be referred to.  Take this approach and mindset, and use open ended questions when discussing this topic and watch how your life begins to change with referral generation.  

Have a great day and I’ll see you on the next webinar this Thursday Nov 29 at 2pm EST. It’s titled “[Sales Seminar Series with Mitch Harris] Taming the Beast: Mastering the Art of Cold Calling and Prospecting“.

Best Regards,

Mitch Harris
The Samurai Of Sales