Welcome to Lightbulb, Our Monthly BOX Newsletter, Let’s Catch Up!

As we flip the calendar page to October, it’s time to illuminate the latest and greatest we did around BOX in September! We’re wrapping up Q3  and gearing up for an electrifying Q4. September has been an eventful month at our office, marked by exciting broker visits and engaging supplier events. Shell Energy extended a warm invitation to a golf tournament, where our team got to swing into action on the greens. NextEra hit it out of the park by inviting us to a Texas Rangers baseball game, and we shared some great moments at a delightful happy hour with NRG. These connections and collaborations are the sparks that ignite innovation in our field.

We’re thrilled to welcome three new hires to our team, with a couple more joining next month. Our BOX family is growing, and we’re charged up about the potential for big things in the coming months.

Don’t forget to keep tabs on our Weekly Market Updates. We’ve got you covered with insights from not only Constellation but Shell Energy and Energy Harbor to keep you informed with the latest industry news.

Have you ever wanted to see where the magic happens? Well, we’d love to have you at the BOX office! Reach out to your Account Manager, schedule a visit, and meet the fantastic folks who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

Stay connected, stay charged, and let’s make Q4 a success together! ⚡