At Brokerage Online Exchange, we’re known for giving our partners the tools they need to find their clients the best energy prices. Our EnergyEngine platform helps every step of the way, from pricing to contracts. But we’re more than just an intermediary for your energy broker business, we also offer energy management consultancy as a service for your clients. Summer can be a tough time for businesses looking to cut their energy costs, and depending on where your clients are located, they might be having some trouble saving money on their energy bills this summer. So take a look at some of these energy management tips you can pass on to your clients.

  • During the summer months the sun is out for most of the day, and you need to take this into account. Try to cut down on direct sunlight coming in through your windows, and think about installing screens or awnings, especially on windows that face west or south.
  • You can also look at installing solar control window films to reduce energy demand during the hottest months. They also have the added benefit of cutting down on glare and exposure to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Use a smart thermostat that makes it easy to adjust settings and regulate the temperature indoors. And give your employees some leeway. If you’re going to cut costs on the amount of energy you use keeping the office cool, then allow your employees to dress comfortably.
  • Keep your ventilation and air conditioning system well maintained. Get an annual tune up to ensure that you’re running as efficiently as possible. Your air conditioning system doesn’t keep working at peak performance forever, so annual maintenance can actually save you money in the long run. On that note, be sure to replace your filters regularly, preferably every month.
  • Install ceiling and wall insulation. Also, use weather stripping and caulk to plug any leaks so that you can manage ventilation and reduce the overall expense of cooling your building.
  • Install ceiling fans and use them to keep air flowing throughout the building. Fans can make it feel up to four degrees cooler during the summer, and that can save you quite a bit when it’s applied to an entire building.
  • When a motor breaks down, or you finally have to install new units, go with an energy efficient model that will save you money down the road. They may be more expensive at the time, but you’ll find that their value lasts for years.

Hopefully you can pass along some of these energy efficiency tips to your clients, and help them cut costs in the process. At BOX, we’re all about helping energy brokers take care of the administrative details so you can get back to saving your clients money on their energy bills. So contact us today if you’d like to hear more about EnergyEngine, our energy consultancy services, or how Brokerage Online Exchange can take your energy broker business to the next level.