So you’ve found success with your local energy brokerage and you’re ready to expand into new markets. But making that move can be more of an investment than you might expect. Before you know it, it’s taking weeks or months when you thought it should take only a few days.

It doesn’t have to be so hard. We’ll show you how to streamline expansion so you can reach new markets in hours, not weeks.

What Does Expanding into New Markets Entail?

First, you’ll need licensing in the new market. If you have a team, they’ll need licensing too – which costs you in fees and time.

Then you’ll need to develop some quality supplier relationships in the territory. Maybe some of your existing suppliers will carry over. Maybe not. You’ll probably want some good local suppliers in your toolbox anyway. Again, developing these relationships takes time and resources.

So already you’ve got financial and time obligations. Expanding into new territories is taking longer than you would expect. You’re investing a ton into something that should be so much easier.

Expanding Your Energy Brokerage into New Markets FAST

Like we said above, moving into new territories doesn’t have to be a headache. In fact, you can save yourself weeks by using Broker Online Exchange.

Using Broker Online Exchange allows you to instantly access any deregulated market in North America. When you partner with BOX, you and every member of your team can piggy-back off our licensing and start selling in all territories immediately.

You also gain instant access to our network of suppliers across every deregulated market in North America. That means you can skip the process of building new supplier relationships in your new market. You’ve got them instantly.

You can see how partnering with BOX helps you expand your business faster than ever before. No need for time-consuming testing. No expensive licensing fees. No time lost building out supplier relationships. With BOX, you can expand your business in hours, not weeks.