Weekly Energy Market Update

The Fundamentals

Weekly Natural Gas Report

Inventories of natural gas in underground storage for the week ending January 19, 2024 are 2,856 Bcf;  a withdrawal of 326 Bcf was reported for the week ending January 19, 2024. Gas inventories are 142 Bcf greater than the five-year average and 110 Bcf greater than the same time last year.

Why Buy Now 

Having trouble closing deals due to high rates? We’re here to provide you with the information you need to answer the recurring question; Why buy now?

We break down the answer to this question so you can come to the table with all the information you need to help your customer navigate these unprecedented market conditions.

Substantial Increase in Electricity Demand Forecasted 

The electrification of cars and the expansion of data centers are leading to a significant increase in electricity demand, which will put a strain on power grids and resources. The heightened demand is likely to result in higher electricity prices. Consequently, businesses will face increased operational costs due to these rising electricity prices.

Natural Gas Exports are Soaring

With the loss of a major pipeline between Russia and Europe and Asia’s increasing demand, countries around the world are forced to source gas outside their boundaries, and the United States is the top new supplier. This provides U.S. producers with the opportunity to sell LNG gas overseas much higher than domestic prices. In this situation, coupled with low storage levels, domestic natural gas prices would increase significantly.

Higher Prices Are Always Just Around The Corner

One thing is certain with natural gas and electricity prices: when prices are low, much higher prices are just around the corner. Currently, natural gas prices are at the low end of the historical range. This means that if a customer is thinking of waiting to purchase their future electricity and natural gas needs, they might betaking a bigger risk, hoping for a small reward.

In Summary – Why Buy Now 

There is a very high probability that prices could move higher this winter from decreasing supply and increasing demand. With the market at the lowest levels in over two years, right now is a great opportunity to take risk off the table and purchase all or a portion of their energy supply costs.

Lock In Your Energy Rates Now

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