There are some jobs that just scream cool. Professional athlete, musician, stockbroker… But there’s a job that really trumps them all when it comes to the coolness factor. That’s right, as you’ve always suspected, energy brokers actually have the coolest job in the world. That’s been proven empirically, but the link to the study is broken.

Anyway, speaking of cool, that’s what you’re helping your customers stay. When the weather heats up, you’re the one providing them with an energy price that lets them crank the AC and keep the office cool. Ceiling fans only go so far, and guess what? They need energy to run, as well.

And it’s not just keeping cool, either. It’s staying warm when it drops below freezing and keeping the lights on when they’re working all night at the office on that presentation. It’s keeping the computers up and running and the phones ringing all day.

When you start to think about it, becoming an energy broker is basically providing people with what they essentially need to function in our world today—power. Need to recharge a laptop? That’s going to take a little bite out of the energy bill. Watching TV in the break room? Same. The microwave where employees heat up yesterday’s leftover burrito bowl? Yup, it’s all thanks to the fact that they’ve got power running through their office.

And that’s why energy brokers are so important. They keep prices low and competitive where the industry has finally been deregulated. And no, it might not make you as much money as that QB who threw for 30 touchdowns last year, but you’ve got a job that helps people do basically everything they need to—and provide it to them for a lot less.

So making millions each season is great, but so is saving people money. And that’s what energy brokers are best at—saving their customers money on their energy bill. At BOX, we understand that selling energy is your passion, not pulling up spreadsheets and apps and doing the time-consuming administrative work that comes with selling.

That’s why we created Energy Engine to help out energy brokers. Energy Engine is the world’s most sophisticated point-of-sale, contract sourcing, management and compliance tool. EnergyEngine puts you in control when it comes to quoting, submitting, updating and tracking contract applications across a range of energy suppliers and products. It takes care of all those little details that used to give you a headache. That way, you can focus on selling and making your customers happy.

With Energy Engine, you can manage the sales process, improve customer relationships, access detailed management reports, and much more—keeping you in control of your business like never before.