As a relatively new industry, energy deregulation gives sales teams unique challenges when closing the deal: not only do you need to close the sale, you often need to educate the buyer on the product itself.

Many prospects are skeptical of new industries. They don’t know who to trust or how to evaluate an offer.

In this post, we’re going to cover some of the main objections and questions energy brokers face, and help you overcome them.

1.      I Don’t Know You, Why Should I Trust You?

An example answer:

I understand. My best customers felt like that at first, but they were grateful in the end when they saved a truckload of money.

Plus, I’m sure you have friends, family or colleagues that you could recommend to me, don’t you? My bread and butter is making sure you’re happy – and not just at the beginning, but always – because referrals are my main source of business. If I do wrong by you, you could complain, which would damage my reputation in this town.

And you’re under no obligation to buy anything at this point. If you give me a current bill copy, I can let the numbers speak for themselves. You know how Priceline shops hotel prices throughout the internet? We provide a similar service, but for energy. You’ll see huge savings.

2.      I Already Have a Broker

An example response:

The fact that you’re a loyal customer is what I like the most about you. But really, your broker is just a middleman between you and the suppliers. The competitiveness of your rates depends on your broker’s supplier relationships and on his commission structure.

I just want to show you what other options your business has. I have access to more suppliers than most brokers in this area, so I’ll let the prices speak for themselves. If your broker has competitive rates, then we’ll know you’re with a good one.

3.      How Much Does It Cost?

An example answer:

I don’t generally use daily rates because I’ve found they overlook the business’s actual needs. That’s how you get pricing that doesn’t match your real-life requirements.

So here’s what I do: give me your best price on your contract and I’ll try to beat it. Better prices come with better supplier relationships and tough negotiations, and I am confident I can meet the challenge.

Closing the Deal

There are some other objections you might face, but these are the most common that we hear about.

If you have the right pricing and the right supplier relationships, you can make common-sense arguments to persuade prospects to listen. People are now familiar with services like Priceline that compare rates, so when you offer a solution they understand – we compare all the rates and give you the best ones – it’s easier for them to digest and engage with you.

At Broker Online Exchange, we give brokers access to more suppliers than any other broker service. With access to 75+ suppliers, you can truly show your prospects how much better your rates are.