One of the challenges energy brokers face when starting out or when expanding is breaking into more deregulated markets to sell retail energy.

Breaking into a new market is a time consuming and costly endeavor. Many markets will require a complex application process, expensive application fees, additional annual fees, audited financial statements, and sometimes even large bonds.

Many brokers don’t have the time or resources to break in to more than a couple of these markets at once.

Lucky for them, they have Broker Online Exchange. With BOX, brokers can access all deregulated markets by partnering with us in each of those markets.

How Does BOX Give Brokers Instant Access?

When a broker partners with Broker Online Exchange, they can then piggyback off our presence across all North American markets.

That means you can sell energy anywhere that retail energy can be sold, all without the costly fees and time-consuming paperwork.

Enroll Today

When you enroll with BOX, you not only gain instant access to our deregulated energy markets—you also get access to our other unparalleled energy broker resources:

  • Instant access to 70+ top energy suppliers in North America.
  • Our world-class business support team that helps you close deals faster and easier than ever before.
  • Our cloud-based EnergyEngine platform so you can access instant pricing and streamlined contract creation.