We’ve noticed a recent trend in outsourced sales companies and call centers taking advantage of the booming deregulated energy industry.

When you start selling a new service, there are traditionally many challenges – especially when the service has so many local, state and federal regulations you must follow – but many outsourced sales companies have found ways to expedite the on-boarding process so they can get their team selling energy almost instantly.

We’ll show you how to develop a winning strategy and arm your team with the tools they need to win the deregulated energy game.

You Need More Suppliers

It’s no surprise you need suppliers to sell deregulated energy. But many companies overlook the importance of supplier options and big-name suppliers.

We’ve seen many companies struggle when they try to get off the ground with just a few supplier relationships. Giving your prospects a small selection takes the ‘choice’ out of energy choice.

In the increasingly competitive energy space, you need bigger names and better prices at all times. The big names are important for customers who are suspicious of deregulation. Name recognition and brand familiarity work wonders for building trust.

So you’ll certainly want names like Direct Energy, Constellation and Engie on your pricing sheet.

But you’ll also want some local names too. Sometimes they’ll offer better rates or provide some other benefit to your customers.

In short, you want lots of options. Lots and lots of options. Get as many suppliers as possible, but make sure you have a good balance of local and familiar brands.

And Less Paperwork

One of the biggest burdens of deregulated energy sales is the administrative work. Since the market is so volatile, you need to get updated pricing from your suppliers daily. That takes time.

You need to write contracts that meet local and federal regulations. That takes more time.

You need to revise your contracts to meet your prospects’ requirements—and you’ll often need to deliver it to them. More time is passing.

You can see how the administrative work can start overwhelming your resources.

The solution is technology. You need technology and services to streamline these tasks. Technology that will deliver you updated pricing instantly. Technology that will help you create contracts instantly and close them digitally.

The right technology can save you hours every day.

Don’t Forget the Licensing Mayhem

Getting licensing to sell energy can suck the energy right out of your plans. It takes too much time, it’s expensive and it’s downright frustrating.

What’s worse: every state has different requirements. Most require a boatload of paperwork. Many require giant bonds. Some even require testing. It can take weeks—even months—to achieve.

For outsourced sales companies, this can be quite the burden. You’ll want as many licenses as possible, which means a huge commitment of time and money.

But there are ways to overcome this. You can partner with a network (yes, like Broker Online Exchange) that lets you and your team piggy-back off their licensing. That means you can get out and sell in all deregulated markets instantly.

Supercharge Your Team with Plug-and-Play Energy Sales

To ensure an effortless entry into deregulated energy sales, you need an energy program designed to streamline your process.

It’s the 21st Century: our lives have been streamlined to the point we can bank from our bed.

And now it’s time to streamline deregulated energy sales.

Building out supplier relationships, losing hours on administrative tasks and spending months obtaining licensing is like standing in line at the bank when you can click a button from your bed.

At Broker Online Exchange, we specialize in streamlining your energy business. We give you and your team instant access to:

  • 75+ top suppliers, including all the huge national brands like Direct Energy, Engie and Constellation.
  • A dedicated account manager to help you skip the paperwork and close deals.
  • Technology to obtain instant matrix rates and automate the contract creation process.
  • And, yes, your team can piggy-back off our nationwide licensing so your team can sell energy in all deregulated markets instantly.

We call this plug-and-play energy, giving your team instant access to the tools they need to sell commercial energy instantly.