Plug-and-play isn’t a term you often associate with energy brokerages. But we think that should change.

Right now, starting a brokerage is anything but plug-and-play. You need to get licenses. You need to develop supplier relationships. You need to create collateral, pricing sheets. You need to fill out a truckload of paperwork.

It takes forever. It seems like your business gets off the ground crawling, not running.

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

What’s Holding Energy Brokers Back?

There are a lot of factors keeping energy brokers from hitting their full potential.

For some, it’s a lack of quality supplier agreements. They have access to only small suppliers and for that reason, customers are skeptical of them. Or maybe the suppliers they offer have uncompetitive prices. Either way, their lack of supplier contracts with known brands hurts sales.

For other brokers, they might struggle with licensing. Maybe you have some good leads in another state, but that state requires a license to close the deal. Some of these licenses take weeks or months to receive. Not to mention enormous bonds and mountains of paperwork.

Paperwork brings up another barrier to success: all the administrative work can easily eat up a broker’s time. Instead of closing deals, they’re filling out forms.

Any or all of these issues may plague today’s energy broker, new or established. Imagine how they can drag down an emergent energy brokerage.

How to Plug-and-Play Energy Sales

In the last twenty years, we’ve seen software and services make our lives immeasurably more convenient. We can order our groceries with a simple command to Alexa, we can do our banking from bed.

We’ve streamlined lives to make our everyday tasks even easier.

Now it’s time to streamline the energy broker industry.

Building your own supplier relationships, doing your administrative work and getting your own licensing is like waiting in line at the bank when you could click a button from your bed.

This streamlined energy business is what we call plug-and-play. Putting all these barriers behind you means you can do what you do best: sell energy. No more wasting time on the manual details. No more long ramp-up times.

At Broker Online Exchange, we specialize in streamlining your energy business. We give you and your team instant access to:

  • 75+ top suppliers, including Direct Energy, Constellation, Engie and all the other huge national brands.
  • An account manager to help you skip the paperwork and close deals.
  • Technology to get instant matrix rates and automate the contract creation process.
  • You can even piggy-back off our nation-wide licensing so you can expand into new territories instantly.

Join Broker Online Exchange today to start selling commercial energy almost instantly. It’s not just a great way to get your business off the ground, it’s an amazing way to streamline your existing business’ sales process.