Selling deregulated natural gas is no walk in the park. You need to build relationships and trust with customers before they’re willing to purchase energy from you. And that’s easier said than done.

One of the best ways to build trust is to leverage your suppliers. If done correctly, you can quickly see a boost in conversions and revenue.

So let’s jump into some ways you can leverage suppliers to improve your sales.

Get More Competitive Rates

This reason is probably the most obvious. Having more supplier choices means you have access to more competitive rates.

The most straight-forward way to build trust with customers is to show them huge price savings. So if you have great rates, you’re off to a good start.

But oftentimes having a great rate isn’t even enough to close a sale. You still need to build a little more trust.

The Power of Choice

Having more suppliers doesn’t just mean you have more competitive rates—it also means you can give your prospects and customers more choices.

Even if the choices aren’t all very beneficial to them, providing more options gives people more confidence in you and your sales pitch.

So even if you know which rate is best for your prospect or customer, show them the entire list of options. Give them an in-depth price comparison so they can see the wide-range of options and choices.

But don’t ever make them choose on their own. While more options give people confidence, they also overwhelm people. So make sure you can guide them to the most beneficial option available.

Piggyback off Natural Gas Supplier Branding

Not every natural gas supplier advertises extensively, but some of the big names will sound familiar to your prospects and customers. Most likely, there is at least one supplier who advertises on TV, radio or print in your market.

Even though the ads did not incite action from your prospect, the supplier’s brand name can help you build a better relationship with your prospect. This is because name recognition works wonders for building trust. When people see you offer a brand they recognize, it helps you look like an authority in your field.

So make sure you have at least one big name on your price comparisons. You don’t have to sell your prospects natural gas from the big suppliers, but having them around will help you in the long run.

How You Can Access the Right Natural Gas Suppliers

At Broker Online Exchange, we specialize in helping natural gas brokers improve their sales.

One way we do this is by offering them instant access to all the top natural gas suppliers in all North American markets. This means that people who partner with BOX have the advantage of the most competitive rates, the country’s top supplier brands, and more energy choices than your customers have probably ever seen.

But we offer more than instant access to suppliers and markets: we also provide world-class business support along with the technology you need to close your sales quicker and easier than ever before.

With BOX you can get instant pricing from our cloud-based app, and build price-comparison sheets to share with customers. You’ll also gain access to contract creation software so you can close your deals quickly and easily.