The deregulated energy market is growing as more states open their markets and allow competition on prices. That means that the market for energy brokers is constantly growing, as well. More and more brokers pop up every year, trying to find the lowest energy prices for businesses. And with so much competition, your energy brokerage is going to need to stand out. Crafting a great sales pitch will go a long way in securing you continued revenue that will grow your energy broker business. But what’s the best way to go about crafting your sales pitch? At BOX, we love helping energy brokers succeed, so we’ve gathered some tips together to help you create the winning sales pitch you need.

First Impressions Matter

In fact, first impressions may matter more than just about any other part of the pitch. People form an impression of you within seconds of meeting, and it can take a lot of work to undo an unfavorable impression. Make your first impression memorable and focused, so that you can grab your potential customer’s attention and hold it.

Research, Research, Research

And we don’t mean just on your services. Yes, you should know your own services and the energy industry front to back, but you have to do some research on your potential customer. When you walk into their office or pick up the phone, you have to understand your customer and what their needs are. It’s impossible to craft a great sales pitch if you don’t know anything specific about your customer. And if you do your research, you can cut right to the chase instead of spending time asking questions you could have easily figured out on your own.

Keep your pitch new and fresh. Come at it from different angles, and personalize it to the business you’re trying to attract. A canned speech will close more doors than it opens.

Find The Decision Maker

You really don’t want to go in and throw down a fantastic sales pitch, hitting all the right notes, and then find out that your contact needs to go to someone higher up to get a decision. If you can’t find out who you should be talking to in your initial research, then simply ask. It may seem a little awkward, but your contact in the company doesn’t want to have their time wasted either.

Give Them The Answers

That research you did? It probably showed you where this company needs help. They may be paying too much for their energy, or maybe they need help with energy management. Whatever the case, you already know what they need, so give them the answer. People love it when you provide a product or service that solves a problem.

Listen Closely

Your sales pitch may be perfect in your head, but if the conversation goes off track you have to be ready to listen and respond accordingly, not just push on with the point you wanted to get to next. Thoughtful responses and follow-up questions show that you’re really listening to your customer, and you can adjust your message to their concerns.

We love helping independent energy brokers reach their potential at Broker Online Exchange, so contact us today to learn how you can benefit from a partnership with BOX.