For many brokers, a supplier’s payment plans can make or break a deal.

It all boils down to a simple question: can the supplier pay me what I need when I need it?

The challenge is that many suppliers don’t offer upfront payment plans. If they do, you’ll probably need to bring them lots and lots of business and be in good standing with them. If you don’t qualify , then you’re not eligible for the most favorable payment plans.

Now this leaves brokers with a limited selection of suppliers—those who will give them favorable payment plans—and in-turn limited options for their customers.

So how can brokers get better payment plans from more suppliers?

The answer is simple: Broker Online Exchange.

More Payment Plans with More Energy Suppliers

BOX has partnered with 70+ suppliers across all deregulated markets in North America, and we offer standard payment plans across all of them.

That means you can receive upfront commissions with any of our 70+ suppliers.

How This Helps Energy Brokers

The benefits of standard payment plans for brokers are enormous: you’ll have access to the most competitive gas and electricity pricing on the market without sacrificing your commission requirements.

This gives brokers a greater advantage in the increasingly competitive retail energy market. They can close more deals and get more customers when they have more supplier options.

Who is Broker Online Exchange?

Broker Online Exchange is one of the most groundbreaking retail energy partnerships in North America.

When you partner with BOX, you gain instant access to our supplier partnerships in all deregulated markets. Not only that, you’ll have access to our licensing so you can compete in markets that might have been inaccessible before.

We’re in the business of helping energy brokers grow their businesses. That’s why we also offer our world-class support team to all of our partners: they’ll help you communicate with suppliers, get special pricing, answer the toughest questions and close deals faster.

We pride ourselves on transparent partnerships: unlike many other broker networks, we don’t pad our prices, we don’t ever sell energy direct to consumers and we’re independently owned. This means you’re always getting unbiased and accurate pricing and support.