We are welcoming a new employee, Allison Coldewey!

Allison Coldewey is a new Account Management Associate at Broker Online Exchange, where she provides a home base that allows commercial energy brokers nationwide to compete at the highest level and scale their business to new heights. Prior to joining BOX, Allison began her career working for a national retail power and gas broker still in its infancy. She held various roles at the company to support the core business model’s transition from exclusive commercial energy vendor to a multilevel marketing firm to an independent, publicly-held energy advisory. Throughout her tenure, she designed and sold custom products to over 1,000 customers, including Fortune 500 companies and government institutions, and worked to recruit and onboard 35+ retail partners, increasing service territory coverage by 300%.

In her spare time, Allison is experimenting with new recipes, reading, painting, gardening, or doing yoga. She loves being outside and has big plans to continue with her National & State Parks bucket lists soon. Allison believes in the power of perseverance and unbridled optimism – as Ron Daigle says, if you can’t change the course of the storm, be the lighthouse! Allison is passionate about delivering quality and maximizing value by incorporating innovative strategy into customized solutions